Over 3000 people complete new behavioural safety training programme with imorph

As another year draws to a close, we also approach the completion of our first Safe programme deployment. Following the commencement of training in early February, our final Safe course is scheduled for delivery in mid December. This marks the end of one of our largest training delivery programmes to date with over 3500 personnel completing a compulsory one day course throughout the year.

Our client, a major Operator with 12 assets located in the North Sea, approached us to develop the training delivery programme which would implement their new behavioural safety initiative across their workforce.

More than just a new set of processes to follow, intervention schemes require a significant change in attitudes, cultures and behaviours which is so often why these programmes fail to deliver the results expected. This is where our change and engagement expertise come into play.

Our Safe training solutions discuss, communicate and reflect upon the behavioural and cultural aspects of intervention programmes. Delegates gain a greater understanding of why we behave the way we do and how this might impact the way we engage with each other. We believe appreciation leads to adherence which is why we focus on creating this appreciation in all of our training programmes.

Visit the Safe page to find out more about our behavioural safety training programme or get in touch to speak to one of our Training and Change Consultants.

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