introducing Gloe – imorph’s latest collaborative venture!

Collaborating with experts to combine and share our brilliant skills and knowledge is one of our favourite projects at imorph. Our latest venture has seen us join forces with Nutrition Consultant extrordinaire Dr Chris Fenn.

Renowned for her fantastic ‘Eat for Success’ programme, we have combined Chris’s extensive and unbiased nutritional prowess with imorph’s behaviour change and learning wizardry. The result? Gloe – a programme designed to create sustainable habits that support your health, fitness and weight goals whilst generally making you feel better!

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Gloe is about more than just losing weight. What we eat impacts our energy levels, productivity, focus, mood and of course our health.

There is an overwhelming range of information out there proclaiming how we can be healthier and lose weight before we even start looking at what is good and bad for us. Gloe provides an unbiased evaluation and helps level the playing field.

By completing one of our various individual or corporate programmes, Gloe provides you with the information and practical tips and advice to make changes to your current habits and routines that put you back in control of your diet.

Whilst Gloe is a slight departure from imorph’s traditional portfolio, developing a course that introduced a sustainable health programme and consequently a healthier way of living, has been a long term goal for our Director and ‘Chief Dreamer’ Caroline Hughes:

“Chris and I have been friends for many years. Her enthusiasm is infectious and although I have always enjoyed food and been fascinated with its journey from source to plate, Chris reignited my interest and made me think about what food can do for us beyond just satisfying hunger.”

“There are various barriers preventing us from making what are really quite straight forward, healthy choices when it comes to our diets. We want to help people overcome these obstacles.”

“Our experience and knowledge compliment each other brilliantly. At imorph we are renowned for our abilities to create real and sustainable behaviour change. Combine this with Chris’s nutritional expertise and extensive knowledge, sprinkle in our shared passion for health and wellbeing and tadah – we have Gloe! It’s a really exciting development for me, for imorph and for Chris.”

Visit the Gloe website for more information about the programme and packages available.

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