Terms and Conditions

1.1 If there is a requirement for a change to the scope or specification of any part of the Contract arises, the additional spend will be agreed by the Client before proceeding.
1.2 Where there are Room Hires and delegates fall below the minimum number, a minimum fee will apply.
1.3 Cancellation fees may apply if the booking is not required. Cancellations within 3 days: 100%, 4-7 days: 50% fee.



2.1 The services to be provided under the Contract are detailed in imorph’s quotation, proposal or tender (‘the services’) and will, subject to the provisions of these terms of business, be provided by imorph.

2.2 imorph’s documentation formats, standards and methodologies will be followed unless agreed to the contrary.

2.3 imorph does not warrant the performance of any third party services, software or products purchased as part of or associated with the services and is not responsible for levels of performance, service levels, bugs, errors or omissions in any third party services software or products.


2.4 The Client is responsible for accurately specifying the services and the content of any output produced and accepted by the Client during the course of the Contract and for ensuring that such outputs meet the Client’s requirements. imorph shall have no responsibility for the content of any such outputs.


3.1 The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in any software or experiential applications created by imorph for the Client during the performance of the services shall remain the property of imorph, with the Client hereby granted a licence to use such items within the duration/location/event/number of seats limitations as specified in imorph’s quotation, proposal or tender.

3.2 The Client acknowledges that elements of the services which constitute general know-how or expertise are part of imorph’s library of techniques, images, macros, stubs, code fragments of a reusable nature etc. (‘library items’) and that such library items are and will remain the exclusive property of imorph.


4.1 The Client shall not solicit nor endeavour to entice away from imorph any employee engaged in the provision of the services to provide services for the Client other than pursuant to the Contract either during or within one year after the term of the Contract nor permit or procure others to do so.


6.1 The terms of the Contract and all information of a technical nature disclosed by either party its servants agents or contractors to the other party in connection herewith are supplied in confidence and shall be treated by the other party as confidential and shall not without the prior written consent of the party disclosing such information be divulged to any person other than those persons to whom it is necessary to supply such information to enable the services to be provided. The party who receives such information shall procure that any such persons to whom such information is divulged shall themselves observe the requirements of this clause. This clause shall be of effect notwithstanding the performance or termination of the Contract.

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