HSSE Improvement Workshops

i-Morph are an excellent organisation, that invested significant time and effort upfront to understand the needs of their client! This attention and detail, is a key factor in their ability to deliver a very high level of service!

Our Onshore/Offshore workshops were hosted and facilitated by i-Morph and we’ve realised massive benefits from these sessions. Our team have taken great strides towards a closer cooperation and understanding, which we’d not have managed in such a short space of time without the great facilitating skills of Caroline.

The one day sessions maintained a great flow throughout and everyone left with some great take-aways, as well as providing a rich source of data to finalise our annual HSE Improvement plan.

The feedback from all that attended has been very positive and there is a great enthusiasm for us to continue to build on our themes, aided by the i-Morph team.

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