We were pleased to be working with imorph because of the way they work, we knew they could deliver despite our tight timeframe. They understand the realities of working in the North Sea and how to help users get the best out of their new Maximo system. Having a technical background and the offshore understanding makes a huge difference.

Working with imorph I quickly realised they were a unique organisation, blending extensive expertise in oil and gas engineering and process with a deep understanding of how the human mind learns. imorph’s approach delivers interesting, engaging and informative training that is highly effective in transferring knowledge. They have a flexibility of approach, ability to develop work and respond to change efficiently which is refreshing to behold.

Brilliant! Work Management Maximo Project Sponsor

The time taken to understand the actual required outcomes of the course, developing an understanding rather than only the need to pass an assessment and understanding the complexities and interconnections between the subject areas were invaluable.

Technical training is historically chalk and talk’ based. The classic assumption is that a training course will involve sitting at a desk, working through a thick folder of notes before learning by rote for the assessment. We’ve all been there, many times. That’s not the way we wanted to do things. The content of the training is,of course, standardised but how we teach and how our students learn is revolutionary thanks to the imorph approach.

Bob Banks Dron & Dickson

i-Morph are an excellent organisation, that invested significant time and effort upfront to understand the needs of their client! This attention and detail, is a key factor in their ability to deliver a very high level of service!

Our Onshore/Offshore workshops were hosted and facilitated by i-Morph and we’ve realised massive benefits from these sessions. Our team have taken great strides towards a closer cooperation and understanding, which we’d not have managed in such a short space of time without the great facilitating skills of Caroline.

The one day sessions maintained a great flow throughout and everyone left with some great take-aways, as well as providing a rich source of data to finalise our annual HSE Improvement plan.

The feedback from all that attended has been very positive and there is a great enthusiasm for us to continue to build on our themes, aided by the i-Morph team.

Derek Thomson Contract Manager, Worley Parsons